An ophthalmologist warned about the danger of “floaters” appearing in the eyes

Ophthalmologist, doctor- microsurgeon, laser surgeon, candidate of medical sciences Svetlana Mirgorodskaya spoke about dangerous symptoms for which it is necessary to urgently contact doctors to avoid loss of vision. About it reports “”.

The most dangerous may be sudden complete or partial loss of vision, which may be evidence of retinal detachment, thrombosis of its vessels, or disorders occurring in the optic nerve.

Decreased visual acuity may be a sign of cataracts, while pain in the eyes or temples may be a sign of glaucoma. A feeling of tired eyes can also be a harbinger of both of these diseases or be a manifestation of a spasm of accommodation and dry eye syndrome.

In addition, Mirgorodskaya warned that “floaters” or “worms” in the eyes are a consequence of the destruction of the vitreous body. This is how progressive peripheral retinal degeneration may manifest itself. Flashes can be a warning of impending retinal detachment or rupture.

In addition, the ophthalmologist called for paying attention to unusual symptoms, such as growths on the eyelids, sticking together in the morning, redness, dry eyes, itching, headaches, photophobia and others.

“If you find yourself with any of the listed points, please consult a doctor,” Mirgorodskaya advised.

It was previously reported that, according to traumatologist Sergei Korolev, excess body weight and bad habits often cause the development of joint diseases.

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