Anna Khilkevich appreciated the sensational series “The Boy’s Word”

Actress Anna Khilkevich shared her impressions of watching the series, which has become the most discussed television project of the current season. She noted that each episode of the series struck her with its incredible realism.

Anna Khilkevich emphasized that the series turned out to be so realistic that each episode, from the first scene to the end, captivates the viewer. She also expressed the popular belief that the show’s characters idealize gangsterism. However, the actress is sure that this impression is deceptive and hides the deeper meaning and true intentions of the writers.

Anna recalled that in the 80s, when there was a shortage and parents were forced to overcome the difficulties of everyday life, they simply did not have enough time for their children. Because of this, young people had to form groups and join street communities in search of support and a conflicting sense of being cared for.

However, Khilkevich argues that all these external manifestations are just an illusion, and the gangs only provoked disunity and conflicts between people.

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