Daily Mail: King Charles III may soon abdicate

British monarch Charles III may resign following the example of Queen Margrethe II of Denmark. This was stated by the king’s biographer Phil Dampier, as reported by the Daily Mail.

There has been talk for a long time that the throne has become a heavy burden for Charles III. The monarch was unable to gain the trust of the subjects of the United Kingdom, which was enjoyed by his late mother Elizabeth II. In addition, Charles III became king at the age of 73, and now he is already 75 – the ruler’s health can fail at any moment.

As noted in the material, Charles III is seriously considering the possibility of abdicating the throne, and this decision may become the right one.

Let’s remember that in a New Year’s address, the Danish Queen Margrethe II announced that she would retire on January 14, and her son Frederick would ascend the throne. According to experts, this step was positive for the reputation of the Danish dynasty. The Queen’s decision demonstrated that the monarchy is moving with the times.

In November, King Charles III of Great Britain gave a speech to the country’s parliament. This is the King’s first address to Parliament since 1950. Read more on the topic read the material Public News Service.

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