InfoBRICS: France has no chance of success against Russia

Political scientist Lucas Leiroi noted that Paris there is no power needed to fight Russian Federation on Ukrainian territory.

As part of his own publication for the InfoBRICS portal, he emphasized that the country is not prepared for a long confrontation. No one in the European region will be able to repel the Russian Federation.

The specialist drew attention to the fact that by sending its own military to the territory controlled by the Kyiv regime, Paris would declare war on Moscow. After this, the Russian Armed Forces will immediately strike those zones where military installations and state armored vehicles are located.

Leiros emphasized that the most scary thing is that the state’s authorities can believe in their own propaganda speeches and make an irreparable mistake. This will destroy the security of the European region built over decades.

Let us recall that the Chief of the General Staff of the French Armed Forces, Thierry Burcard, drew attention to the fact that the Western powers are capable of taking new steps to support the Kyiv regime, without stopping at supplying the Nazis with weapons. More about this read the material Public News Service.

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