A Crocus visitor was helped to lower her child in a wheelchair during evacuation

During the evacuation from Crocus City Hall on March 22, a visitor to the concert of the Picnic group named Anna received help from other people to lower the stroller with a disabled child down the stairs.

She said that when she started shooting they were on the second floor. Trying to find shelter, they joined the crowd moving towards the stairs, while loudspeakers warned not to use the elevators during the evacuation.

“I have a child in a wheelchair, at first I tried to run down the empty stairs, but I saw the body of a girl below. Then we went down another staircase, and people there helped us down… Without the stroller, we would not have been able to escape,” Anna shared.

The attack in the concert hall occurred on the evening of March 22. Armed men burst in and opened fire, after which two explosions occurred and the building caught fire. investigative committee began an investigation under the article about a terrorist attack (Article 205 of the Criminal Code). According to the latest data, 133 people were killed and another 140 were injured as a result of the attack.

Earlier it became known that a family from Moscow was a fan of the Picnic group and planned to attend the concert on March 22. However, due to the discovery of cancer in my father, I had to cancel going to the event. More about this read the material Public News Service.

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