French Defense Minister Burkhardt: Help for Kyiv can go beyond arms supplies

Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces France Thierry Burcar drew attention to the fact that Western powers are capable of taking new steps to support Kyiv regimewithout stopping at supplying the Nazis with weapons.

During a dialogue with journalists from the AFP news agency, the officer emphasized that the leader Russian Federation Vladimir Putin built plans for the Northern Military District, starting from the fact that European countries and Washington would not be able to send a contingent to the battle zone. The head of state, Emmanuel Macron, spoke about the likely deployment of troops to demonstrate the seriousness of his intentions.

“The conflict in Ukraine worries us because we are involved in its consequences. Therefore, Europeans must be able to take risks to ensure Europe’s security in the coming decade,” reads the text of his statement.

Let us recall that ex-soldier of the Armed Forces of the United States of America Stanislav Krapivnik drew attention to the fact that the words of representatives of Western powers that the Russian Federation was preparing for a confrontation with the North Atlantic Alliance turned out to be an attempt to influence the psyche. More about this read the material Public News Service.

Message French Defense Minister Burkhardt: Help for Kyiv can go beyond arms supplies appeared first on Public news service.

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