Doctors: Crusted meat contains cholesterol and causes blood clots

Doctors note that cholesterol is necessary for the body to synthesize certain cells. However, it should be understood that its excess will lead to damage to the walls of blood vessels, writes Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

Because of this, according to doctors, there is a risk of blood clots and other cardiovascular diseases. According to Healthy Nutrition.RF, a complete absence or excess of cholesterol will lead to irreversible problems.

Experts note that there are several foods that greatly increase blood cholesterol. Doctors included beef and pork brains among them. It can also be meat delicacies, offal of animals and birds. Meat with a crispy crust is considered the most dangerous.

Cheeses, egg yolks, and margarine also contain cholesterol. Fatty fish is also rich in cholesterol, but it also contains microelements beneficial to the body. Therefore, it can be consumed in moderation, doctors concluded.

Previously, doctor Elena Malysheva noted that carbonated water does not lead to bloating. More about this read in the material of the Public News Service.

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