“AiF”: Fans of “Picnic” miraculously missed the band’s concert

Many fans of the musical group “Picnic”, which gave a concert at Crocus City Hall, did not attend the event due to family reasons. The AiF publication spoke with the fans of the team.

The spouses Sergei and Yana bought tickets for the concert, but at the last moment they refused due to the lack of desire on the part of their wife. Sergei planned to take his son with him instead, but his wife did not approve of this idea.

Another married couple, Elena and Maxim, were unable to arrive on time for the concert. They were late because Sergei was delayed at work. However, they still got together and went to the event.

On the way, Elena learned from the news that there had been a terrorist attack at Crocus. After that, she and her husband decided to return home.

Earlier, the Samara TV tower was lit with a candle flame in memory of the victims of the terrorist attack. More about this read in the material of the Public News Service.

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