ZSU: The situation is important on the Liman-Kupyansky direct line, the Russians have a new goal – Makiyivka

On Limano-Kupyansky, the situation is immediately important, but on Bakhmutsky, the new goal of the enemy is Makiivka.

Dzherelo: Riverman of the Skhidnogo grouped army Illya Yvlash on the air of the national telethon of news

Direct language: “In my opinion, the most dynamic direction is Limano-Kup’yansky. The situation is most important there. The enemy is actively attacking their Su-35s – new attack aircraft that can fire at air and ground targets. important in pairs. Also the enemy of the vikorist Ka- 52, Su-25, Mi-8. The intensity of assault operations there has increased immediately. Over the past year, 8 combat operations have been recorded.

The enemy immediately established a new point – Makiivka – and directly attacked this point. These 8 fears were raised there themselves.

… How to pour (from Bakhmutsky direct – ed.) in a special warehouse – there are over 110 thousand military servicemen (from Liman-Kupyansky direct – ed.), 1085 tanks, maybe 2000 armored combat vehicles. These are BMPs, BMDs, MT-LBs, “Tigers”, various patrol vehicles, over 700 units of artillery systems and even close to thousands of RSZVs.

In contrast to Bakhmutsky, there are significantly smaller numbers: 51 thousand special warehouses, 211 tanks, 1000 armored combat vehicles, 110 artillery systems and another 100 RSZV.”

Details: Yvlash reported that the Ukrainian fighters were able to damage the Russian Zoo radar, as “they were already bothering our military.” Yvlash called it “fat cell”. On the other hand, it will be “a little easier” until the Russians get it in order.

At the same time, the riverman of the similar grouping added that on Bakhmutsky the important battles in the Zaliznytsia area were directly affecting: “We are trying to throw up a gate and consolidate on the reached lines. The enemy will continue to fire.”

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