ZSU reached out to Andriivka, Robotinoy and Verbovoy – ISW

The defense forces of Ukraine have reached out to Andriyivka, Donetsk region, and Robotiny and Verbovoy, Zaporizhzhya regions.

Dzherelo: Institute of Civil War (ISW)

Details: Based on information from analysts, Ukrainian forces carried out offensive operations near Bakhmut and broke out on the 5th. The General Staff of the ZSU reported that Ukrainian forces achieved success in their descent from Andriivka.

The Russian military stated that the Ukrainian troops are pushing through to the zaleznichny line in the Klishchivka area (7 km on the day’s approach from Bakhmut).

The Ukrainian military carried out offensive operations on the 5th of June at the entry into the Zaporizhzhya region and penetrated. The river commander of the Ukrainian Taurian Grouped Army, Colonel Oleksandr Shtupun, reported that the Ukrainian forces achieved partial success as they approached Robotiny (10 km in the afternoon from Orikhov). The General Staff of Ukraine announced that the Ukrainian military will continue to conduct offensive operations in the Melitopol direct (entry to the Zaporizhzhya region).

The Russian military confirmed that the Ukrainian forces were trying to get through along the Robotin-Verbove line (10 km on the day – 18 km on the day from Orikhova), at the Kopani direction (11 km on the day entry from Orikhova) and near Novoprokopivka (16 km on the day from Orikhova). On June 4, a Russian blogger stated that the Ukrainian military had begun to demarcate the Kopanya-Robotin-Verbove line.

Russian authorities also confirmed that on the 5th of June, Ukrainian troops recently carried out offensive operations in the cordon area of ​​Donetsk and Zaporizhzhya regions. The Russian Ministry of Defense and other Russian troops stood firm that the Russian troops defeated the Ukrainian attacks near Staromayorsky (9 km on the day from Velyka Novosilka), Novodarivka (15 km on the river daytime approach from Velyka Novosilka), and Priyutne (16 km for daytime approach from Velyka Novosilka) .

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