ZSU can hit the new route, which will be Russia to Mariupol – British intelligence

Logistics is becoming a vitally important component of supporting the war in Ukraine, which is led by Russia, for the movement of ammunition, armored vehicles, sleeping quarters and special warehouses.

Dzherelo: overview of British intelligence, “European Truth”

Details: The significant gap in the occupation of Ukraine is being deprived of a significant amount of life, except for the spillover to sporadic crossings from the side of the Ukrainian artillery, rocket attacks from the return and sabotage, which means reconnaissance.

“Russia will continue to strive and perfect its salaried routes to Ukraine and will open a new salaried line to Mariupol, in order to pass the hour in time to go to the Zaporizhzhya Front,” one looks around.

Analysts will appreciate that the Russian Federation is relying on civil contractors and the resources to complete this project, which are likely to be spent on those that aim to lay down the targets on the side of the ZSU and save the potential military for the establishment of nagalnye works in other places.

“The new line is bringing Ukrainian long-range high-precision strike systems into the mental radius,” the review summarizes.

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