ZMI write about home ownership before the fire is put on the streets of Gazi, they will smell it in Israel

ZMI informs that Egypt, Israel and the United States reported that the fire broke out immediately after 09:00 in the southern part of Gazi, after the Rafah checkpoint had been cleared. This information was available in Israel.

Dzherelo: Reuters From a letter sent to the security authorities for two Egyptian coins, The Times of Israel From the application sent to the office of Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu

Verbatim Reuters: “Egypt, Israel and the United States reported a fire in the southern part of Gazi from 06:00 GMT (09:00 Kyiv time), which is avoiding the dangers of the Rafah border crossing, reported on Monday two Egyptian authorities in the security authorities.

Dzherel was informed that the truce would last for only a few years, but they did not specify its exact duration. They also reported that the three countries were at home, and that Rafah will be open until 14:00 GMT on Mondays, as the same day of the cob.

Details: Salama Marouf, head of the Hamas press service, stated that they did not take away the eager confirmation from the Egyptian side about the intention to open the checkpoint.

The US Embassy in Israel said the situation in Rafah would be “limited and unresolved, and it is unclear whether or not travelers will be allowed to transit through the checkpoint, or at any time.”

The embassy stated that the residents, who “feel themselves in sufficient security,” may collapse to the checkpoint.

Updated: Soon, Israel will suppress information about those who are willing to launch a fire on the open air of Gazi in order to allow the Rafah border crossing to be opened to deliver aid to the enclave.

Verbatim Office of the Prime Minister: “At the moment, there is no need to facilitate the delivery of humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip and the exit of foreigners.”

Dovidkovo: The Rafah checkpoint, which is located on the border between the Egyptian Sinai Peninsula and Hamas-controlled Gaza, is the only crossing point into territory not controlled by Israel.


  • The Egyptians control the Rafah checkpoint on the border between Gaza and Egypt, through which they could potentially evacuate civilians from Gazi. The serpents reported about their closure through Israeli strikes.
  • Now the Ministry of Health of Egypt confirms that the checkpoint is open and will not be closed at the “first stage of the beginning of the conflict” (Vinny – ed.). The cause of the problems is in the work on the side of Palestine – Israeli bombing.

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