ZMI: The United States will transfer to Israel part of the artillery shells intended for Ukraine

Three Israeli soldiers spoke anonymously to the portalAxiosthat the Pentagon plans to send to Israel “tens of thousands” of 155-mm artillery shells, which were laid out for Ukraine.

Dzherelo: “European truth” s posilanyam naAxios

Details: According to Axios, Israel has informed the US that it will urgently need artillery shells in preparation for a ground invasion of the Gaza Strip and a potential escalation of the war between Israel and Lebanon skogo cordon.

American spyers believe that redirecting artillery shells that were destined for Ukraine to Israel will not harm the ability of Ukrainian forces to fight the war.

Apparently, there is talk about 155-mm shells, which the US receives and stores in Israel within the bilateral territory, writes Axios. They were gradually exported from the cob and handed over to Ukraine.

Access to the site is limited to American military personnel. However, to the satisfaction of the countries, Israel can compete for ammunition in a war of opinion on the side of the United States.

Israel previously denied access to these reserves in the wake of the war with Lebanon in 2006, as well as in 2014 in Gazia.

For PHI data, Israel asked the States to obtain10 billion dollars in the form of military aid.

American villagers used to sing thatThe USA will give support at the same timeboth Ukraine and Israel, supporting the international level of defense.

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