ZMI learned that a new package of US military aid for $200 million will be released

A new US military aid package for Ukraine worth $200 million may be announced as early as Wednesday 11th. There you will find AIM-9 and TOW missiles and ammunition for HIMARS.

Dzherelo: Voice of America journalist Carla Babb, European Truth

Details: According to Bubb, the new package of American military assistance will include AIM-9 and TOW missiles, ammunition for HIMARS systems, high-precision aircraft ammunition, as well as 155-mm and 105-mm artillery shells.

In addition, there may be equipment for combating drones, AT4 anti-tank grenade launchers, ammunition for rifle armor and “lots of other things.”

This package of assistance will be financed fromKoshtiv, which the Pentagon spared through a pardon in the form of. They allow the supply of spare parts and ammunition to Kiev, regardless of the exclusion of new aid to Ukraine from the urgent bill on spending, adopted by the House of Representatives last weekend to avoid the shutdown.

Previouslythe Pentagon saidThe US Congress may approve additional funding so that the US can immediately provide needed military assistance to Israel and Ukraine.

Over the weekend, the press reported on what Biden wants to praise through Congressup to $100 billion for Ukraine.

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