ZMI: A fifth of the Russian spies in Europe are in Switzerland

Switzerland has about 80 Russian spies, which is close to one fifth of the total number of Russian agents in Europe.

Dzherelo: Swiss newspaperNeue Zürcher ZeitungBased on data from the Swiss Federal Intelligence Service, “European Truth”

Details:The European powers are actively opposing the measures of Russian intelligence, hanging by the officials of the Russian Embassies in the face of the beginning of a large-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine in the bitter end of 2022.

Switzerland, however, has not gone through the tradition of neutrality to such lengths. Based on the assessments of intelligence services, which they shared with members of parliament, there are currently about 80 Russian agents in the country.

A representative of the Swiss Department of Foreign Affairs in the NZZ commentary emphasized that the country’s order “does not impose regular sanctions on the appearance of diplomats,” adding that channels connecting with Russia may be saved.

“If Switzerland is entrusted with diplomats, it will work to compromise internal security, and these problems are not publicly reported,” the spokesman added.

Swiss places such as Geneva and Bern have always gained respect for intelligence through the expansion of international organizations and companies there; the problem of Russian spying has become a hot topic of debate among Swiss politicians.

“These foreign agents pose a threat to the internal and external security of Switzerland,” Fabian Molina, a member of the Swiss National Assembly (lower house of parliament), said in an interview with NZZ.

Guess what: Just recently, Swiss intelligence also indicated thatRussian spy activity is “thriving” in the regionafter the expulsion of Russian diplomats from European countries. She also confirmed that at times we need to live in order todo not allow Russian agents onto your territory.

Rick because Swiss intelligence stated thatthe threat to Switzerland from the side of the Russian spies has become even stronger.

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