Zelensky – on Biden’s promo: We cannot destroy freedom and democracy at once

President Volodymyr Zelensky called the promotion of US President Joe Biden even more difficult, shouting for the help of the States and singing that at the same time it is impossible to protect freedom and democracy.

Dzherelo: Zelenskyy social media X

Direct words from the Ukrainian President: “I thank Joseph Biden for his hard work. Together we will not allow hatred to save freedom, and terrorists will save democracy. Ukraine is grateful to the United States for encouraging and innate faith in those that humanism, freedom, independence and international order, Grounded on the rules, toil get over it first.”

Details: Zelensky said that Ukraine and the States are determined to steal a free way of life for “all our peoples.” Having added that the countries that want to resist aggression and terrorism will rely on America’s leadership to save the freedom of their future.

“The incredible bipartisan support of Ukraine in the United States is already inspiring all our soldiers and all our people. The US investment in the defense of Ukraine guarantees long-term security for all of Europe and the world,” he concluded. Zelensky.


  • US President Joe Biden stated that On June 20, the “terms of the budget bill” arrived at the Congress. to help support Israel and Ukraine.
  • Bidencondemning Hamas and Russian President Volodymyr Putinat their promotional evening on the 19th in the Oval Office, they said that there were underlying motives for the attack on Israel and the invasion of Ukraine.
  • By naming this moment in history “tipping point”– a battle between secular democracies and autocracies. “We cannot allow and it is not permissible that terrorism in the face of Hamas and tyranny in the face of Putin prevail. I’m hoping to allow this”, Biden said, cheering.
  • 18th anniversary of ZMI, sent to Dzherel, informed that Biden will reject$60 billion for UkraineAnd I will help Israel to finance its financing in the amount of $100 billion.

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