Zelensky: Light of reason, we will soon see what Russia is preparing for

President Volodymyr Zelensky sings that the world understands what Russia is preparing for in Ukraine, and also pledges a strong response to the aggressor.

Dzherelo: evening beast president

Straight language: “All the leaders who help us will be fully informed of the current situation on the battlefield. The light of understanding is what Russia is preparing for and what kind of terrorist moves they may be planning. We will tell the occupier and we will confirm it very hard.”

Details: Zelensky called the year that marks the end of the PPO for Ukraine and the year of strengthening before winter.

We thanked our international partners for their support.

“Besides additional missiles for anti-aircraft defense, there will be new launchers. We are working on different types of systems. There will be spare parts for systems that Ukraine is already developing. There will be artillery, shells, drones, armored vehicles,” he said about home ownership. with international partners.

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