Zelensky calls on the local government, energy companies and communication operators to prepare for Russian strikes

President Volodymyr Zelensky says that there will be more attacks by Russian troops on Ukrainian energy facilities in the coming winter and calls on the local authorities, energy companies and operators to prepare the connection to what extent.

Dzherelo: evening beast president

Straight language: “We may be aware that there are such Russian attacks (as in the week Kherson – ed.) I will become bigger as winter approaches. More on generation objects, at least. Be prepared until required.

We have strengthened the PPO as much as possible, to the extent that it is really in our minds. And we are talking with our partners about such terms at the disposal that were not previously agreed upon.

In addition, there will be a lot to be found in the readiness of local authorities, in localities, in preparation for the work of energy companies and communication operators. Kozhen is guilty of eliminating his part of the dry work so that the Russian terror does not destroy Ukraine throughout the winter, just as on the battlefield in all spheres we can be as stable and effective as possible.”


  • June 6 Zelensky declared that Russian terrorism is the cause of winterwill be rich again and become poorUkrainian energy system.
  • British military intelligence admits that the last three “quiescence” in massive missile attacks on Ukraine are due to the fact that the military-invaded forces of Russiacheck for new missiles. 
  • 13 June Zelensky asked that Ukraine was aware of the grants from other powersanti-frozen defense systems for the winter period.
  • 14th Zelensky chanting, what is the light of understanding, what is Russia preparing for in Ukraine, and after pressing hard to the aggressor.

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