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President Volodymyr Zelensky arrived in France on a visit to Romania on Tuesday.

The head of the state announced this on his Twitter account (X), writing “European Truth”.

“I will arrive in Bucharest, Romania, for negotiations with (President) Klaus Johannes and the appreciation of our goodwill,” Zelensky said.

Following the words of the head of state, during the visit there will be talk about further security peace, the development of aviation and other coalitions, the strengthening of the anti-aircraft defense of Ukraine, the security architecture in the Black Sea and communications with partners.

“Ukraine is grateful to Romania for the encouragement that our state appreciates, as well as for the constructive solidarity that allows our countries to be donors of security for the world, in the sphere of food security. We have already been and can expand and in particular, how it supports stability for the rich in other countries” ,” Zelensky said.

Vin called Rumunia a friend, “who came to our aid on a dark day, and whose support grows stronger with time.”

Zelensky’s visit to Romania – first on the cob Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

The head of the Rumanian order, Marcel Ciolaku, had previously announced that he would go to Kiev for completion of negotiations before further export Ukrainian grain to Rumunia.

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