Zelensky arrived in Odessa and greeted the military and the authorities of the region

President Volodymyr Zelensky arrived in Odessa on Friday, the 13th, and met with the military, law enforcement, and local authorities.

Dzherelo: Zelenskyy Facebook

Straight from Zelensky: “Odessa. Having checked with the military authorities, law enforcement officials and the regional authorities about the situation in the city and region. The center of respect is preparation before winter, the protection of our people, infrastructure and energy genetics against Russian terrorism.”

Details: Behind these words, preparations before the burning season, the protection of energy facilities, the legacy of Russian shelling of port infrastructure, and the needs of the air defense system were discussed.

“We work both at home, in Ukraine, and with partners, to give more protection to the state and to the people,” the president said.

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