Zaluzhny discussed with the commanders how the actions were taken directly to Avdiivsky

The commander-in-chief of the ZSU, Valery Zaluzhny, is in contact with the commands of the Ukrainian troops, who are fighting directly in Avdiivskyi. In the middle, we determined the sequence of our actions.

Dzherelo: Zaluzhny on Facebook

Straight language: “In the war there are no simple plots on the front. And only those that are more complex. The infection is Avdiivka. Here the enemy does not hesitate to try to break through our defenses and take the place.

The enemy is actively stagnating the assault squads, throwing a large number of armored vehicles, military aircraft and artillery.

Despite everything, our warriors will continue to heroically repel attacks, knowing the living strength and equipment of the enemy.

“From the commanders and brigade commanders, who are in charge of the task on the Avdiivskyi direct, they emphasized the consistency of our people with the provision of a stable change in the operational situation and discussed the first needs of the children.”

Details: According to the commander-in-chief, they also proceeded Kupyansky directly, so that the occupiers would continue their offensive operations.

Straight language: “Our boys and girls are doing their best to defend ourselves at the top of our warehouses. Every skin brigade, all our soldiers, who are in the battle for Ukraine.”

Guess what: The enemy for help with aviation is trying to leave Avdiivka: The ZSU has already killed 5 Russian fighters for 10 shots.

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