Yandex will publish its report for the third quarter on October 27


Yandex» will publish its report for the third quarter on October 27. About it it says in a company message.

The price of Yandex shares during trading on October 13 increased by 1.82% to 2,509.8 rubles. As of 12:50 Moscow time, the securities cost 2,484.6 rubles. (+0.8%), the Moscow Exchange index was at the level of 3178.92 (+0.13%). Since the beginning of the year, the benchmark has grown by 47%, the company’s quotes by 37%.

In September, Aton broker analysts Viktor Dima and Mikhail Vinogradov appreciated growth potential of Yandex shares on the Moscow Exchange. According to their calculations, their cost could be 60% higher than the price in September and amount to 4,035 rubles. But if we estimate the fair value based on the sum of Yandex’s businesses using multipliers of foreign analogues, then the price could be 82% higher – 4,590 rubles, analysts noted.

Dima and Vinogradov also predict that by the end of this year, Yandex’s revenue will grow by 38% to 721 billion rubles, EBITDA by 34% to 86 billion rubles. In 2025, analysts expect revenue at 1.2 trillion rubles, EBITDA – 175 billion rubles, by the end of 2027, revenue could reach 1.7 trillion rubles, EBITDA – 334 billion rubles.

Total revenue of Yandex for the second quarter of 2023 grew by 55% in annual terms to 182.5 billion rubles. Adjusted EBITDA decreased by 4% to RUB 24.7 billion. with a profitability of 13.6% (+8.2 p.p. YoY). Adjusted net profit decreased by 27% to RUB 9.6 billion.


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