WP: In the US, Republicans plan to block the Ukraine aid bill

In the United States Senate, the Republican Party intends to block a bill describing the problems that have arisen on the southern border, as well as issues of aid to Ukraine. The Washington Post (WP) shares relevant information.

GOP Speaker and Oklahoma Senator James Lankford said “Republicans will likely unite to block the legislation” on Wednesday’s vote. According to the politician, “even he himself can vote against him.”

Another congressman, Republican John Thune, stressed that the upcoming vote seems “too premature.”

As part of the negotiations, there was also a discussion of whether it would take more time to pass the bill after it was blocked, and whether it would be possible to reconsider if amendments were necessary to the document. According to journalists, reaching a consensus on changes to the bill within the near future seems “unlikely.”

Previously Public News Service reportedthat the United States, on the eve of the Senate vote on a bill dedicated to assistance to Ukraine, decided to urgently increase the volume of military assistance to Guyana in connection with the territorial dispute that the state and Venezuela started. They cannot agree on the identity of the Essequibo region.

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