Wildberries decided to cancel the commission when paying with Visa and Mastercard cards

The Wildberries marketplace has decided to cancel the additional commission for purchases when paying with Visa and Mastercard cards, the company’s press service reports. The decision was made following a meeting at the Prosecutor General’s Office.

“As a result of the meeting, Wildberries decided to cancel the implementation of the mechanism for charging additional costs in case of direct payment with Visa and Mastercard cards,” – it says in a message on the company’s Telegram channel.

In addition, Wildberries promised to return the funds paid as commission to customers.

Also during the meeting, the topic of returning goods of inadequate quality was raised. The message notes that there is no fee for rejecting a bad product, but if you reject a quality product, the cost of return shipping to the seller will be withheld.

Earlier, Vedomosti reported that from October 9, Wildberries introduced a commission of 3% of the purchase price for paying for goods from cards of the international payment systems Visa and Mastercard. The changes were explained by the peculiarities of the operational and technological process of accepting payments.

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