Why is vaccination against caries dangerous?

Belarus announced its intention to create a vaccine against caries. The development of the drug will be carried out by chemists, as well as scientists from the National Academy of Sciences, said the rector of the Belarusian State Medical University Sergei Rubnikovich.

On air Public News Service President of the League of Patient Advocates Alexander Saversky explained the dangers of using modern vaccines.

“First of all, you need to ask yourself the question of patient safety. There is some correlation in the fact that the more humanity is vaccinated, the more people suffer from cancer. The point is not only that we are living longer and surviving to cancer, but also that the vaccine does not have the same effect on the immune system, opening up opportunities for the development of oncology. In the case of caries, perhaps by suppressing the bacteria that is responsible for its spread, we will upset the balance and another disease will appear. Therefore, serious clinical studies are needed.”

Despite the risks, the expert emphasized that the creation of a vaccine against caries and its further use would be the cheapest way to solve dental problems for the country’s population.

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