When does the Nativity Fast 2023 begin and what is its meaning?

The Nativity Fast is one of the most ancient Christian fasts, during which Orthodox believers voluntarily give up entertainment and food of animal origin, thereby cleansing their souls. Public news service I found out when the Nativity Fast 2023 begins and what its meaning is.

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When does the Nativity Fast 2023 begin?

The Nativity Fast begins every year on the same date – November 28th. It will last forty days until the Nativity of Christ. The last day of fasting is Christmas Eve, January 6, 2024. The very next day, January 7, all believers break their fast and can eat any food.

What is the point of the post

During the forty-day period, as the Nativity Fast was also called, it was forbidden to eat meat dishes. Believers had to pacify their flesh and cleanse their souls in order to meet the holiday of Jesus Christ’s coming into this world clean and enlightened. People believe that if they rid themselves of worldly entertainment – surfing the Internet, watching empty TV shows, seeing an idle lifestyle, etc., this will free them, help them learn to fight passions and concentrate on thinking about Christ and his commandments.

When appeared

The Nativity Fast is one of the most ancient Christian fasts, which first appears in one of the historical sources of the 4th century. Previously, the fast was shorter and lasted about seven days.

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Patriarch Luke of Constantinople first established a 40-day fast in 1166. The number 40 was not introduced by chance; the fact is that this is exactly how many days and nights Moses spent without food on Mount Sinai, when, after the test, God gave him the Ten Commandments. Jesus Christ himself fasted for the same number of days before going to preach in Galilee and Judea.

In the old days in Rus’, our ancestors called the Nativity Fast Korochun. This is the name given to the ancient pagan spirit, which was a symbol of the coming of cold winter. Fasting was associated with the name of the spirit because during its period there are the shortest days and the longest nights.

Another name for the fast is Philip’s fast, since the eve of the fast was Philip’s day. November 27 was also called Filippov Zagovenya, during which it was forbidden to work. Our ancestors tried to celebrate the date on a grand scale before entering Lent. After all, this was the last opportunity to eat enough before the upcoming long period of abstinence.


Do’s and Don’ts

The main restrictions of the Nativity Fast are not related to food. It would be a big mistake to think that this time is a kind of diet.

The main goal of the Nativity Fast is spiritual cleansing, ridding thoughts of everything bad. Therefore, you need to make a decision about fasting seriously and carefully, since it is important to direct your thoughts and actions to creating good and ending evil. It is important to reconsider your thoughts, curb your tongue, which often utters “barbs”. You need to try to forgive all your grievances, although it is very difficult.

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At this time, you need to focus on the main thing, sweep away everyday and negative thoughts. Think about God, about the immortal soul, about your loved ones, love for them, as well as about your sins and their atonement.

During the Nativity Fast, it is important to give up not only negative thoughts, food of animal origin, but also carnal pleasures. All entertainment, activities, and bad habits need to be pushed into the background. From November 28, 2023 to January 6, 2024, it is not customary to go to noisy celebrations, play a wedding or get married.






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