WhatsApp announced the ability to use two accounts at once

WhatsApp (owned by Meta, which is recognized as extremist and banned in the Russian Federation) announced a new feature that allows you to use two accounts in the messenger at the same time. About it reported on the company blog.

A WhatsApp user will need another number and a multi-SIM or eSIM phone to take advantage of the new features.

A second account can be added in the messenger settings in the “Add account” section. Users will also be able to configure privacy and notification settings on a per-account basis.

The company also urged not to download applications that imitate WhatsApp in order to use multiple accounts on one device, as this is unsafe.

In September messenger announcedthat from October 24 the application will stop working on smartphones with an Android operating system (OS) version lower than 5.0.

On September 13, WhatsApp launched a new feature in more than 150 countries: Channels. After which, discussions in Russia about the further work of the messenger in the country intensified, and Roskomnadzor warned WhatsApp about the possibility of blocking if it refused to delete “unfriendly channels.” Later the media reported that WhatsApp decided do not launch Russian-language channels in Russia due to the risk of blocking.

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