What to give a girl for her birthday

Buying a gift for a loved one often becomes a challenge. I really want the relative to like the gift and not lie forgotten in the closet. It is even more difficult to choose a gift for a child, especially for a girl. Young ladies can be very capricious and selective in their choice of toys. Public news service I found out what I could give my girl for her birthday.

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How to choose a gift

The following recommendations will help you choose a gift for a girl’s birthday:

  • You need to take into account the age of the child, as well as his interests. For example, you can remember what the birthday girl looked at in a store or while visiting;
  • if the donor does not know what the girl is interested in, you can ask her parents or the birthday girl herself about it;
  • If you need to give a gift urgently, a certificate to a toy store or a gift card to a playroom will help out.


Potential gifts for girls under 14 years old can be divided into several categories:

  • Useful.

These gifts can be useful for the birthday girl or her parents: baby monitor, stroller, crib, smart watch, headphones.

  • Sports.

Scooters, bicycles, roller skates, skates, balls, trampolines – all this equipment will appeal to the active little birthday girl.

  • Developmental.

If a girl is more passionate about creativity or science, then construction sets, educational games, creativity kits and any kits that broaden her horizons will suit her.

  • Entertaining.

Game consoles, tablets, gadgets and even ordinary toys will delight a girl. It’s just important to choose such gifts according to age.

Gifts by age

As has been mentioned more than once, the main factor that you should focus on when choosing a birthday gift is the age of the birthday girl. Below are some birthday gift ideas for girls of different ages:

  • 0-2.

For such a baby, you don’t need to choose a gift yourself. The fact is that an unformed child’s body at this age may suffer from some problems, for example, an allergy to dust, and then a soft toy will be an unsuccessful gift. Therefore, before purchasing, you need to consult with your parents about what they would like to see as a gift for their daughter.


If mom and dad are in doubt, you can give them a certificate to a children’s store or money – young parents will always need it, they will choose the thing most necessary for the child, and the birthday girl at this age will still not understand that she was left without a gift. As compensation, you can buy her some allowed treat.

  • 3-4 years.

At this age, girls are very capricious and an unwanted gift will ruin their mood on their birthday. Therefore, it is imperative to consult with her parents again, and then inquire about her own desires. If the order turns out to be too expensive, then you can look for cheaper, but equally safe analogues – children still value gifts not in monetary terms.


5-6 years.

Preschoolers may like the following gifts:

  • developmental aqua mat;
  • play tent in the form of a princess house;
  • music microphone;
  • chef’s play set;
  • fairy-shaped toothbrush;
  • interactive doll;
  • doll carriage;
  • two-wheeled bicycle (possible with additional detachable wheels on the sides).

At this age, the child still has the opportunity to spend a lot of time playing, so gifts are more entertaining.

  • 7-9 years old.

Beginning schoolgirls are already a more serious group of girls. You can’t get away with this with toys alone. You can already choose more modern gifts, as well as accessories for school:

  • children’s headphones;
  • LEGO constructor;
  • a set of a book with stencils and a magic pen;
  • princess play table with mirror, hairdryer, decorations;
  • children’s smart watches;
  • tablet.
  • 10-12 years old.

This is a difficult age in the life of any girl. She is still a child, but she is already beginning to be interested in the adult world, and therefore the gift of a teddy bear may upset her. A girl at this age may like:

  • experiment kit;
  • portable speaker;
  • age-appropriate craft kit;
  • designer backpack;
  • roller Skates;
  • frame trampoline.

These gifts can be called transitional from the world of childhood to the teenage world.

  • 13-14 years old.

Teenage girls consider themselves adults, so they should give up toys, games and art kits. But the birthday girl can appreciate the following gift options:

  • folding hair dryer;
  • stylish smart speaker;
  • instant camera;
  • smartphone.


The following tips will help you choose an even more pleasant and safe birthday gift for a girl:

  • When buying a gift for your baby, consider its safety. For example, small children should not be given a small construction set, a doll with removable parts, or a toy with sharp elements;
  • there is no need to impose your hobbies on the birthday girl. If a girl is not interested in dancing, and the donor, in an attempt to introduce the child to this art form, gives her ballet shoes, then she is unlikely to be happy. Most likely, such obsession will further discourage the child from wanting to dance;
  • If the choice fell on some large-sized gift, then you need to check with your parents whether there is a place for it in their home or in the children’s room. Otherwise, there is a risk that the gift will remain on the balcony for the next few years or will be taken to the dacha;
  • You need to be careful with teenage girls, since the most harmless gift can upset them. At the age of 12-14 years, girls are very self-critical. Therefore, a hoop, electronic scales or a set of cosmetics can become an additional reason for self-flagellation and develop self-doubt in the birthday girl.

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