What not to give for the New Year of the Dragon 2024

There is not much time left until the New Year, so it’s time to think about gifts now. It is important to approach this issue responsibly, because you need to please not only the person to whom the gift is intended, but also the symbol of the coming 2024. Public news service I learned that you can’t give the Dragon 2024 for the New Year.

What not to give for the New Year of the Dragon

According to Chinese astrologers, the Green Wood Dragon is a rather mysterious creature, which, in addition to emotionality and strength, carries charisma, as well as the desire to always be in the center of attention, to shine and bewitch others. Therefore, first of all, the Dragon loves pomp and luxury. Gifts do not have to be expensive, but chosen with soul.

Practical gifts also have their place in the new year. However, they should come with pleasant surprises that will lift your spirits.

According to experts, the Green Dragon will not appreciate useless, cheap little things, as well as gifts made with his own hands. The dragon is a strong, regal creature who will not approve of this.

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In 2024, you should also not give toiletries: combs, shower gels, shampoos and soaps. Eau de toilette and perfume are prohibited – the owner of the year is not a supporter of strong odors and simply will not appreciate such gifts. In addition, in order to present perfume, you need to know a person’s tastes very well.

If you are going to give clothes, then keep in mind that the Dragon will not appreciate homemade and simple things. There is no need to give T-shirts, slippers, pajamas, and so on. By the way, the same applies to choosing a holiday outfit, even if you are going to celebrate the New Year 2024 at home, then choose a spectacular outfit. You should not meet the Dragon in home clothes.

Is it possible to give a watch in the year of the Dragon?


Even in Rus’, watches were viewed rather suspiciously. It’s all about different signs and superstitions. And, despite the fact that it is already 2024, some superstitions remain. Moreover, they live in us not just at the subconscious level, but rather, they remain in genetic memory.

Our ancestors believed that watches steal precious time from people. They dominate human time, so giving them is dangerous. In ancient times, people believed that there were only two main themes: life and death, and all this was controlled by divine forces. Therefore, the clock has a dual meaning. Of course, the person who gives the watch may not think about the signs, but the one who receives it as a gift may remember this belief and even be offended.

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And if a person himself asked you for a watch as a gift, then he needs to pay off – give the giver a couple of coins, as if he were buying this watch and not accepting it as a gift.

What else cannot be given in 2024

  • Although the year will have to be lived under the sign of the Green Dragon, the owner of the year does not tolerate green caps and hats. As a gift, choose other colors and colors for hats. According to experts, the green Dragon hat is associated with a turtle, which slowly crawls towards its goal and slows down the whole process.
  • Also, the Dragon does not like water, because it extinguishes the fiery ardor of the owner of the year. Therefore, everything related to liquid gifts, even if it is expensive alcohol, is better to be postponed for the time being.
  • According to popular belief, giving mirrors as a gift is a bad omen. The dragon also looks at them askance.
  • If you suddenly decide to give an umbrella for the New Year, then refrain, because it will lead to separation.
  • All kinds of gloomy gifts are also not welcome, of course, if you are not a Goth.
  • Dangerous objects include knives and any types of weapons, sharp things.
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  • Medicines are not the best option for a New Year gift. The same applies, for example, to a device for measuring pressure.
  • The dragon is a representative of the fire element, and he does not want to share his fire with anyone. Therefore, exclude candles, beautiful lighters and fireworks from the gift.
  • It is better not to give gifts related to the past. The New Year is associated with the future, so put, for example, old photographs in a far corner.

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