We give priority to the export of livestock to Israel – ZMI

The Federal Government will give priority to the export of armored goods to Israel, and the companies’ commercial applications will be processed and accepted as soon as possible.

Dzherelo: DPA agency, publication of which to direct Tagesspiegeltransmits “European truth”

Details: A few days ago it became clear that Israel had asked the German authorities for the supply of ammunition for warships. In addition, the sound system will fill up the supply of donor blood and body armor.

What happened before:

  • On June 10, it became clear that the United States would directly provide additional military assistance to Israel, for now.Ammunition and resurfacing for the “Climbing Dome” system.
  • The Minister of Defense of Germany, Boris Pistorius, votedabout our plans to transfer two Heron drones to Israelwhat is on the formed German military-insurgent forces, as requested.

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