Walking everywhere, satellite connections and first aid kits: what Germany gave to Ukraine in the new package

The Government of Germany published a list of what went into the final batch of military aid to Ukraine on the 13th.

Dzherelo: “European truth”

From what was published on the website of the German governmentinformationOver the past few days, Ukraine has taken off four high-capacity tracked all-terrain vehicles Bandvagn 206 (size 46).

Also at the crossroads there are vehicles for the security of the cordon (register 211), two large-scale vehicles 8×8 HX81 and two vehicles (usy 62nd 57th century).

In addition, Germany transferred to Ukraine additional 82 satellite communication terminals (register 198), 50 drone detection systems (register 163), 100 thousand first aid kits and perhaps 27.8 thousand backpacks.

Earlier this year, the Ministry of Defense of Germany announced a “winter package” of military aid to Kievfor a living sum is close to 1 billion euros.

The new package of German aid will help us to avenge the anti-antivirus defense system by strengthening the supplementary systemPatriotthatIRIS-Tas previously reported.

Germany is Europe’s largest donor of military aid to Ukraine and others after the United States.

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