Wagnerian contract soldiers turned to fight at the gathering of Ukraine – Yvlash

Numerous personnel of the Wagner air defense complex, who were in Belarus, signed a contract with the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation and moved to a similar direction to the front in Ukraine. Some of the militants went to Africa.

Dzherelo:Riverman of the Similar Grouped Army Illya Yvlash in the commentary “Ukrainian Truth”, CNNriver worker of the DPSU Andriy Demchenko in the comments of UP

Direct language from Yevlash: “Colossal military services of the private military company “Wagner” are actively present in the territory of a similar grouping of military forces.

Stinks take part in military actions. Zokrema, the stench is coming from the territory of Belarus, where their camps were.

Immediately unmold them. These military servicemen reach various military units – some of them are sent to Africa, to re-sign contracts with the Ministry of Defense of the Legislative Assembly of the Russian Federation and take part (in the war – ed.) in various plantings, fortress, for instructors. Dekhto go to the original combatants.

The stench does not pose such a threat as it did, for example, because of the loss of its head gang, Yevgeny Prigozhin.”

Details: The riverman of similar defense forces added that with such a rank, the Russian Naimans are unlikely to be able to pose such a threat as before.

The border service of the UP clarified that there were over 6 thousand Wagnerites in the territory of Belarus. According to Demchenko, Belarus lost nearly 500 fighters.

Before that, the aerial reconnaissance operator of the Code 9.2 aircraft at the warehouse of the 92nd ZSU brigade commented on CNN, stating that the Wagnerites had turned to the Bakhmut area.

Following the fighter’s words, the Naiman Swedes quickly changed commanders and returned to Bakhmut.

Guess what:

  • Previously, it was reported that the Russian Guard was recruiting a lot of “confident fighters”Wagner PVK”, in order to feed oneself the excesses of the “Wagnerians” and, at the same time, about the internal security of Russia.
  • After the death in the airline industry, a group of employees of Yevgen Prigozhin and another security warehouse of the PVC at the Kremlin They started saying that PVK Wagner is legally irrelevant and they can’t say anything about the upcoming company.
  • The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation issued an order requiring all “volunteer formations” to sign a contract with the ministry. In this way, all forms would be transferred to the subordination of Minister Sergei Shoigu. Prigozhin was inspired to sign the contract and then “march” to Moscow.
  • With the bag “stabbed”, the Naimans left the territory of Russia near Belarus and broke out their tabir there.
  • Prigozhin’s Naiman people mostly became poor and occupied the ruins of the Ukrainian Bakhmut.

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