VTsIOM: every second Russian goes in for sports 1-3 times a week

Every second Russian (54%) regularly plays sports from 1 to 3 times a week, should from the results of a VTsIOM survey. The study involved 1,600 Russians over 18 years of age.

For comparison, in 2013, the proportion of Russians who went in for sports at least once a week was 40%, while only every tenth respondent (10%) exposed themselves to physical activity every day. Now this figure is at 18%.

According to the survey results, representatives of the age group over 60 years of age (25%) and village residents (24%) most often engage in sports every day. Moreover, within these groups, only every second respondent goes in for sports more than once a month (45% and 51%, respectively). In this regard, VTsIOM analysts note that representatives of the older generation and village residents are not the most athletic categories of citizens.

The most athletic, on the contrary, are young people (18-24 years old). The level of participation in sports at least once a month in this group is 68%. Moreover, every fourth representative of this age group does not play sports at all. Among the older generation, the share of such answers is twice as high (52%).

Among the reasons why respondents do not exercise are lack of time (40%), poor health (36%) and lack of willpower and motivation (22%).

The most popular sports for Russians in 2023 were running, race walking and athletics (39%), as well as fitness (31%) and strength training (18%).

Earlier in an interview with the China Media Corporation, Russian President Vladimir Putin told about the importance of sports. “This must be done in order to be able to work intensively first of all. Training is not an end in itself. This is a means of achieving important, truly important goals, this is an opportunity to work intensively, in a mode that allows you to achieve the desired results,” he said, answering the question of whether he has time to train. Putin also noted that he still enjoys playing hockey. “Team sports are always interesting, emotional, exciting, and provide an opportunity to truly take a break from current affairs,” added the head of state.

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