Vorog launched 6 missile strikes on Zaporizhzhya: having hit a lot of people, they died

On the night of the 18th, the Russians launched 6 missile strikes on Zaporizhzhya, hit the top of the building, and killed two people.

Dzherelo: head of Zaporizkaya OVA Yuriy Malashko Telegram

Straight language: “Last night, between 01:33 and 01:48, Russian terrorist forces launched 6 missile attacks on the territory of Zaporizhzhya. The type of missiles is being determined.

One of the impacts fell on a large overhead booth in the central part of the place.”

Details: Malashko reported that as a result of the terrorist attack, two people died and at least one was injured.

In addition, 8 apartments have been damaged.

Once it has been determined that the residents of the building have been evacuated, they will be given a temporary life sentence.

“The robots will continue to chew,” the OVA head wrote.

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