Volodin proposes checking relocants who financed the Armed Forces of Ukraine for treason


Relocants who made anti-Russian statements and financed the Armed Forces of Ukraine should be checked for treason upon their return. This was stated by State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin at the beginning of the meeting of the lower house, transmits press service of the State Duma.

October 10 Volodin stated, that the relocant who left the country and “committed vile acts, rejoicing at the shots fired on the territory of the Russian Federation,” must realize that he is not welcome in Russia. “But if he comes here, Magadan is guaranteed for him,” he said.

“Today we have received a lot of requests from residents of the Magadan region who, after my statement yesterday, simply do not understand why we want to punish them like this. They believe that traitors and scoundrels have nothing to do on the territory of Magadan,” Volodin said on October 11.

According to him, such relocants moved to Europe, where they began to “finance and bow to the states” that give them refuge. Then, Volodin continued, they are expelled from Europe, and they go to Israel, from where, due to the tense situation, they return back to Russia.

“So let’s think <...> Those who called for the victory of the Nazi bloody regime must answer according to the law. Decide where to send them next,” Volodin said.

Press Secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov, commenting on Volodin’s words on October 11, statedthat they concern only those who have chosen an anti-Russian position. “Yes, indeed, we are not on the same path with these people,” he said.

In September, Peskov said that Russians who left the country during the special operation would return as the economic situation changed. He noted that it is completely normal to look for more comfortable living and working conditions abroad. But Peskov added that there is hardly a place for those who have become enemies.


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