Vladimir Putin met with participants in the special operation

Russian President Vladimir Putin met with the participants of the special operation who were awarded state awards – platoon commander Ivan Kalashnikov, corporal Alexei Ivliev, private Vyacheslav Tarasov, and senior sergeant Viktor Khamaganov.

“This is one of the iconic, good examples of courage and heroism. I understand that when there is a battle, no one thinks about it,” the president addressed the audience.

At the meeting, Putin mentioned the dead and convicted participants in the special operation. The President recalled that they gave their lives for their Motherland and thereby atoned for their guilt.

“We will do everything to help their loved ones, without any doubt,” the president added.

On August 22, in the Urozhainy area in the DPR, Russian motorized rifles reflected attack by 12 attack aircraft of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Ukrainian attack aircraft twice tried to attack the Russian stronghold, but were unable to penetrate the defenses. Kalashnikov appropriated title of Hero of Russia. Ivliev, Tarasov and Khamaganov were awarded the Order of Courage.

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