Vladimir Presnyakov was given an unusual nickname on the TV show “The Voice”

Pop singer Vladimir Presnyakov has been one of the mentors in the TV show “The Voice” for a long time. Many performers hope that he will take them to his team.

Journalists from the online publication “” note that due to such great popularity, he began to compete with his colleague Polina Gagarina, because most of the program participants join his team.

A resident of the Estonian capital, Vera Egorova, took part in the next episode of the program, whose performance did not impress the judges. Speaking about what happened, Presnyakov urged her not to give up her musical career, noting that a performer must not only sing well, but also be able to arouse interest among the audience.

“Each of us is a little bit of a clown,” the singer emphasized sadly. He was supported by Anton Belyaev, who came up with a new nickname for him. “How sad you said that… You are now Vladimir Depressnyakov!” – reads the text of the statement he made.

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