Vlad Sokolovsky announced an exacerbation of a serious illness

Vlad Sokolovsky admitted that his health suffered during his participation in the show “New Stars in Africa”.

In an interview with the “Evil Tongues” program, the artist said that he was faced with health problems, but the program participants did not believe him.

Sokolovsky himself noted that even before participating in the show, he sometimes experienced pain in his stomach, but he did not attach any importance to them. But when he started working on the project, his condition worsened and he was hospitalized. As a result, he was diagnosed with peritonitis. At the same time, the performer said that the show participants did not believe in the seriousness of his health problems and thought that he was faking it.

Sokolovsky suggested that the deterioration in his health could be due to poor nutrition during the show or the stress he experienced during filming.

Earlier it was reported that Victoria Daineko said that she was severely poisoned. Details in material Public News Service.

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