Virologist Malyshev: Pathogenic bacteria move from dumplings to food

The former chief infectious disease specialist in Moscow, virologist Nikolai Malyshev, warned that pathogenic bacteria from improperly prepared dumplings can spread to other products. He spoke about the dangers of this dish in a conversation with the URA.RU agency.

“If it’s cooked carefully, nothing will happen. But we must remember that if prepared incorrectly or stored incorrectly next to other products, even in a household refrigerator, infection can be transferred from one product to another. For example, those that are not subjected to heat treatment,” the expert said.

Previously, Roskachestvo employees tested several brands of dumplings and found bacteria in the products of a number of manufacturers. Listeria, which can cause listeriosis, was found in VkusVilla dumplings. Experts found salmonella at Hot Stuff, Myasnoy Dvorik, Siberian Collection, Restoria and Turakovo.

Products of the Ostankino Traditional, Starodvorye and Lozhkarev brands contained E. coli.

Roskachestvo added that all manufacturers were sent instructions to eliminate violations. More about this read the material Public News Service.

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