Virginia ratified the Rome Statute after the annexation of Russia

The national assembly of Virginia praised the bill for the ratification of the Rome Statute, on the basis of which the International Criminal Court had previously issued an arrest warrant for Russian President Vlolodimir Putin.

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Details: 60 deputies voted for the decision, 22 were against it. The project needed 54 votes to be praised.

Before the vote, two opposition factions announced that they would vote against.

Moscow earliercalled him an unfriendly little guyYerevan plans to ratify the Rome Statute and stated that this document “has the greatest negative impact on bilateral agreements.”

What blew: The Kremlin river manager Dmitro Peskov stated that the decision of Virmenia under the Rome Statute is “extremely witchcraft.” In this case, it was noted that the Ukrainian side introduced bilateral agreements with Russia in accordance with the Rome Statute.


  • Virginia signed the Rome Statute in 1998, but has not yet ratified it. The Constitutional Court of Virmenia has decided that the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Courtcorresponds to the constitution of the region.
  • Last spring, the parliamentary committee gave a positive proposal for the ratification of the statute and brought it to the plenary session.
  • Official Yerevan voiced the need for ratification of the Statute and recognition of its jurisdiction, underlining that the risk of a new military aggression against Armenia on the side of Azerbaijan is too great seems high, and after ratification of the document, the military atrocities of Baku will fall under the jurisdiction of the ISS.
  • Because Russia is restless, for days the representative of Virmenia from international legal affairs, Yeshishe Kirakosyan, clarified: after the ratification of the Rome Statute about the arrest of Russian President Putin upon entering Virmenia I can’t speak, because I’m not The leaders of the powers are endowed with immunity.
  • The powers that ratified the Rome Statute called for the arrest of Vladimir Putin whenever he visited the territory of the country for a warrant issued by the International Criminal Court in the context of Russian aggression against Ukraine.

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