Vilfand: January frosts are predicted in Moscow and the region

From February 7, the March warmth will come to an end in Moscow and the capital region and January frosts will set in. Roman Vilfand, scientific director of the Hydrometeorological Center, addressed residents and guests of the Moscow region with this warning. TASS reports this.

As the forecaster noted, the transition day will be Tuesday, February 6. On this day, warm February weather will set in the capital. In the daytime, the thermometer will be at minus 2-4 degrees. In the Moscow region the temperature will drop to minus 3-8 degrees Celsius. According to forecasts, the weather will be cloudy, accompanied by precipitation in the form of snow and ice.

However, already on the night of Wednesday, February 7, the air temperature will drop to minus 9-11 degrees in the capital and to minus 9-14 degrees in the region. In the daytime it will become warmer and the temperature in Moscow will reach minus 5-7 degrees, and in the Moscow region – minus 4-9 degrees.

“Overnight temperatures on Friday and Saturday will be very low, around 15-20 degrees below zero. Saturday will be still cold, about 6-11 degrees below zero,” Vilfand summed up his story.

Previously Public News Service reported, that last weekend Muscovites were warned about rain, snow and ice, despite the warm, almost March weather. An increase in southwestern and western winds with gusts of 12-17 m/s was also recorded.

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