Victoria Bonya said that a night with Brezhneva cost 100 thousand dollars

In a new episode of the show “Evil Tongues” on the Rutube platform, Victoria Bonya accused singer Vera Brezhneva of dubious actions. Komsomolskaya Pravda reports about this.

According to Boni’s statement, Brezhneva provided her services for a fee, but noted that this happened solely at her own request. According to Victoria, in 2011 the singer agreed to spend the night with one of the men for a large sum – 100 thousand dollars.

“I have a friend who dreamed of sleeping with Vera Brezhneva. And my close person answered him that this is feasible, since Vera works, but only at will,” Bonya revealed the secret.

In addition, the presenter also said that initially men were offered to give Vera Brezhneva a watch worth about 70 thousand dollars. And only after such a gift did the artist make a decision about a possible date and further relationship.

“She had a husband, at that time some kind of businessman. Then she took the man away from the family and married him,” Victoria concluded.

Earlier it became known that Vladimir Solovyov said that you should not go to people like Sobchak. The TV presenter gave an ironic answer. More about this read the material Public News Service.

It was also reportedthat blogger and psychologist Veronica Stepanova did a psychological analysis of model Natalia Vodianova. Calling her “orphanage” and highlighting her “wolf-like gaze.”

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