VAKS first praised the payment of the wine city to the vikrivach – it deducts over 13 million hryvnias

The Great Anti-Corruption Court for the first time made a decision on the payment of wine to the city to recover from the corruption case.

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Verbatim VAKS: “The court first praised the decision to pay the winery to the vikrivach, which will amount to 13 million 299 thousand 950 UAH.”

Details: VAKS does not mention the name of the vikrivach, but, according to the data of the UP department, it is about Yevgen Shevchenko.

It appears that the second year’s panel of judges of the Supreme Court of Justice confirmed the agreement regarding the finding of guilt made between the SAPO prosecutor and the former chief defender of the head of the Kiev tax service.

VAKS found him guilty of shahraism and proposals and given illegal benefits.

Happily, the accused was released for 5 years of punishment and assigned a probationary period of 3 years.

Nowadays, the accusations have taken on the obligation to investigate other criminal activities for serious and especially serious crimes, which are being investigated by NABU, and also to ensure the reinvestment of 50 million UAH to support the ZSU.

The court also ordered a special confiscation for the state’s wealth in the amount of 6 million dollars. It appears that 5 million 950 thousand dollars of them have already been transferred to support the ZSU and another 50 thousand dollars will be transferred to the budget this year.

The virus may be subject to quarrels for 30 days.

Shevchenko himself told Vikrivach about the wine town.

“The doctors, since the crime was discovered three times ago, and the course for this hour was spent daily, then I can withdraw from the pouch not 500 thousand dollars, but “less” 350 thousand dollars (13.3 million UAH), which, of course, is already disgusting,” Shevchenko wrote.

He also added that he aims to “prepare an enlightening course for future victors who can not only help the extreme poverty of corruption, but also It’s decent to earn money.”

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  • In the summer of 2020, it became known that NABU detectives documented the fact that the current minister and government official had given Burisma HoldingsZlochevskyswag of NABU kerivnitsa and SAP kerivnitsa Nazar Kholodnitsky. They talked about trying to bribe 6 million dollars.
  • 1st month of 2020 law enforcement completedinvestigationthis is what you need to do.
  • September 1, 2023 SAPO reported that the Great Anti-Corruption Court confirmed the finding of guilt betweenprosecutor and Zlochevsky. On the right, the prosecutor’s office reclassified it from swag to the greater extent “sinking in the water.” The examiner was fined 68 thousand hryvnia. In this case, Zlochevsky donated nearly 660 million hryvnia to the ZSU.
  • Myselfvirok secrecyand no registration with the ship registry. Great Anti-Corruption Court without explaining why the entire text was classified Exminister of Ecology and Natural Resources Mikola Zlochevsky, who is in favor of the investigation into the bribery of NABU and SAP.

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