V1.RU spoke about someone who escaped from a unit near Volgograd and was mobilized from Kalmykia

A mobilized resident of Kalmykia, Igor Sandzhiev, voluntarily left his military unit in the village of Maxim Gorky, Volgograd Region. This is reported by V1.RU.

On September 21, 2022, the Russian was summoned to the Elista military registration and enlistment office. In the evening we were sent near Volgograd for preparation and transfer to the Northern Military District zone.

The man left the unit on November 15. Before this, he had a conversation with the commander. The mobilized declared that he was a pacifist. They threatened him with a report to the military prosecutor’s office.

Initially, the Russian citizen went to Moscow and St. Petersburg. I tried to get a job, but couldn’t because of the mobilization mark on my military ID.

In January 2023, Sanjiev left for Belarus. He asked for asylum in unfriendly countries. Belarusian security forces detained the fugitive and returned him to the Russian Federation.

During his arrest in Sheremetyevo, he learned that he was put on the federal wanted list for assault. “Like, in the summer of 2022, a tourist was pushed in Elista, he pointed at me,” the speaker said.

In Elista, he received a decree on his own recognizance and was handed over to the Volgograd military police. The man was put under arrest at the military unit. He escaped.

The mobilized man reached Kazakhstan and illegally crossed the border in the village of Saykhin. His passport remained with the Volgograd police.

In this republic, a Russian was detained and a criminal case was opened against him. A resident of the Russian Federation was sentenced to six years of suspended imprisonment with deportation to his native country. He has until the spring of 2024 to find asylum, the media clarifies.

Earlier, the Public News Service reported that a mobilized resident of Buryatia staged own death, so as not to return to the zone of the special military operation (SVO) of the Russian Federation in Ukraine.

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