US Congress: it is necessary to prepare for a simultaneous conflict with Russia and China

The US Congress announced the need to build up its own nuclear potential to possibly deter Russia and China. About it it says in the report of the US Congressional Commission, which deals with issues of strategic concept.

“The goals of American strategy must include effectively deterring and defeating both Russian and Chinese aggression in Europe and Asia using conventional weapons. If the United States and its allies and partners do not have sufficient conventional arsenals to achieve this goal, then American strategy must shift toward an enhanced role for nuclear weapons to deter or counter opportunistic or cooperative aggressive actions in opposing theaters of war,” it said. document.

High-ranking former officials from the State Department, the Pentagon and the National Nuclear Security Administration of the US Department of Energy took part in the drafting of the report. According to the authors of the document, the United States is currently not ready for the emergence of “two adversaries equal in nuclear potential.”

In this regard, the United States needs to take swift action that is aimed at “viable options for credible conflict containment.” In particular, the report’s authors mention problems associated with labor shortages, insufficiently developed infrastructure in the US Department of Defense and the US Department of Energy, as well as limited supply chains.

US President Joe Biden, who was then a candidate for the presidency, named Russia is the main threat to the United States back in 2020. He called China its largest competitor. According to Biden, the approach Washington takes will determine whether the countries will continue to be competitors or whether the situation will develop into a more serious rivalry.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has repeatedly spoken about the threat to Russia from NATO countries. In particular, at the end of July he reportedthat Moscow does not want a direct military clash between Russia and NATO, but if someone wishes, Moscow is ready for this.

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