UN calls Israel’s “disproportionate” strikes on Gaza a war crime

Israel’s strikes on the Gaza Strip in response to an attack by the Palestinian group Hamas constitute a war crime. This is stated in the report of the UN Independent International Commission of Inquiry on the situation in the Occupied Palestinian Territory.

“The report also notes that the Israeli retaliatory strike, given the damage caused and the number of casualties, was “disproportionate” and therefore these actions also “constituted a war crime.” said in a message on the UN website. It also called preventing the import of food and medicine into Gaza a violation of international humanitarian law.

However, the commission stated that Hamas’ attacks “are by their nature indiscriminate and thus ‘clearly constitute a war crime’.”

It is clarified that the report was completed before the Palestinian-Israeli conflict escalated. After October 7, the commission began collecting evidence of war crimes committed by both sides.

It is noted that Israel’s strikes on the Gaza Strip need to be examined “in the broader context of the Israeli occupation, which it does not intend to end,” since they are aimed at weakening opposition to the occupation and are needed to prevent the creation of a “free Palestinian state.”

The aggravation of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict began on October 7 with an attack by the Palestinian group Hamas on Israel. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) responded by launching Operation Iron Swords, and the Israeli government announced that the country had entered a state of war.

On October 9, Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Galant ordered a complete blockade of Gaza. On October 15, Israel opened a humanitarian corridor. On the same day, Israeli authorities resumed supply of water to the Gaza Strip after agreeing on the issue with the United States.

According to the latest data, the death toll in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict zone has exceeded 4,000 people: on the Israeli side it has reached 1,400 people, on the Palestinian side it has exceeded 2,670.

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