Ukraine returns 4 children deported to the Russian Federation through Qatar: try a new scheme – ZMI

Russia was able to return the first four deported Ukrainian children to Ukraine as part of the mediation procedure for Qatar, which was agreed upon after “months of secret negotiations” with Moscow and Kiev.

Dzherelo: Reuters iz sent to the Qatari Posadovtsa, The Washington Post from the sent order, Financial Time

Details: According to Reuters, three Ukrainian children who were taken to Russia will be handed over to Qatari diplomats in Moscow as part of a procedure organized by Qatar to return children from Russia to Ukraine.

On Friday, according to the agency’s information, Qatar accepted the return of another Ukrainian child with age 7 rocks, who married her grandmother and went straight to Ukraine through Estonia. The boy was in Russia’s orphanage “as a result of separation from his mother, who was in Russia when the war began,” as the agency’s spy agency reports. WP writes that the boy’s mother was arrested in Russia. Vaughn is lost under the wart. If she was caught for what, she will not be informed.

The other three children are a boy aged 2 years, a boy of 9 years and a girl aged 17 years.

The Washington Post reports that two children have already returned home. Two more children are expected to return to their families in the coming days.

2-year-old boy, who will return to the Zhytomyr region, having visited the doctor. He was less than 6 months old when Russia invaded Ukraine on the 24th, “having wasted ties with his mother,” in the words of the WP spyvrozmovnik. From that moment on, the stench arose in Russia and, as it turns out, why should they go to Ukraine? Details of how and if the child was “transferred to Russian custody” are unknown. Russian armies occupied dozens of parts of the Zhytomyr region in the first major wars, and the first disturbances began to arise.

Before the group also enter 9-year-old boy, who was with his grandmother and grandfather in the Kherson region, when Russia invaded and occupied this territory. It looks like the boy will return to Ukraine on Wednesday.

17-year girlwhose family could not come to Russia to pick them up, will also meet with their relatives on Wednesday.

In the photographs of the Qatari news agency, as seen by The Washington Post, the images show a small boy with “discredited” credentials, who sits between his grandmother and Lvova-Belova (Empowered under the President of the Russian Federation for the rights of a child). In other photographs, he hugged and squeezed the hand of the Qatari diplomat.

Financial time clarifies what One child has already returned to Ukraine through the Baltic countries and Poland, the other goes directly to her mother through Qatar, and the other two, as it turns out, will arrive in Ukraine through Qatar at the end of this year.

WP informs that the negotiations lasted for several months, leading to the establishment of the Ukrainian government.

According to WP information, Ukrainian children passed through the Qatari embassy in Moscow and went home using different routes. The people traveled or traveled from Russia to Ukraine through Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland. Others traveled through Belarus.

According to the embassy representative, several modes of transport are involved in the trip, including a diplomatic convoy, a freight train and a private charter flight, which goes directly through Qatar.

Behind the words of the Qatari posadovtsa, whom Reuters relies onthe return of the first four children to the tested schemes that the Arab power created after months of secret negotiations with Moscow and Kiev.

The Minister of State of Qatar for International Cooperation, Lolwa al-Khater, in his statement, confirmed the mediation and called the repatriation of this population “a waste of time.”

It is not clear how many more children Russia will allow to return to Ukraine through the Qatari scheme.

Dzherelo Reuters reports that Qatari diplomats are escorting children through the border with Estonia, Latvia and Belarus, or to Qatar by charter flight, before returning them to Ukraine.

These words are spoken by both Ukrainian and Russian officials. At the same time, as Dzherelo confirms, Ukraine itself turned against the Arab power with plans to act as an intermediary in the world’s food supply for children.

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