Ukraine accepted three modifications of the tank for production "Leopard"

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine has accepted the following types of armored vehicles for production for the Armed Forces of Ukraine: tanks “Leopard” 2A6, “Leopard” 2A5 and “Leopard” 1A5.

Dzherelo: Ministry of Defense of Ukraine

Details: Minister of Defense of Ukraine Rustem Umerov signed orders for their acceptance into the newly formed ZSU.

Tanks “Leopard” modifications 2A6, 2A5 and 1A5 are intended for breaking through fortified enemy positions, reducing firing points, enemy equipment and manpower, and organizing Swedish defense lines.

Verbatim from the Ministry of Defense: “Ukraine considered these tanks to be close partners, and they have proven themselves effectively in battles.

“Tim, the Ministry is accepting these tanks for production, and we are declaring our intention to build a high-tech armored vehicle for the long term.”

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