Two Thai citizens died during Hamas attacks on Israel


Two Thai citizens were killed in Israel during an attack by the Palestinian group Hamas, Prime Minister Sretta Taweesin said.

Thai citizens died in Israel on October 7, the same day the Palestinian group Hamas began shelling Israel, calling it the military operation “Al-Aqsa Flood”. Eight Thai citizens were also injured and 11 people were kidnapped as a result of the fighting. writes Bangkok Post.

“They are innocent and have nothing to do with any conflict,” the Thai Prime Minister said.

According to the Thai Foreign Ministry, 11 citizens were taken hostage during the fighting in southern Israel and were allegedly taken to the Gaza Strip. In the southern regions of the country, according to the newspaper, about 5,000 Thais live, most of them working in agricultural communities. A photograph has circulated online that allegedly shows Thai workers being held by Hamas militants.

“The photo circulated on the Telegram app shows at least five men sitting in the dirt with their hands behind their backs in what appears to be a bunker as masked gunmen point rifles at them,” transmits also The Times of Israel newspaper.

According to the latest data cited by the media, since October 7, 350 Israelis have been killed, 1,864 people injured, and “dozens” of citizens taken hostage in the Gaza Strip.


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