Trump’s ally is no longer a candidate to unseat Speaker of the House of Representatives

Republican congressmen have thus voted on the candidacy of far-right Trumpist Jim Jordan, who is vying to become Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Dzherelo:”European truth” s posilanyam naCNN

Details: The decision to accept Jordan’s candidacy was praised after three rounds of voting for the speaker of the lower house of Congress failed to secure sufficient support, according tofrom the skin a new round having spent voices.

Guess what,Jim Jordan– one of the most active supporters of US President Donald Trump and an opponent of increased aid to Ukraine.(Read more about Jordan inmaterials from “EuroPravda”.)

Thus, the US House of Representatives is left without a speaker at the hour when the period of urgent funding for the US federal government ends in just over a month, and without praise for budget legislation, a new shutdown is expected.

In the minds of the deaf kut in Congress, an alternative option to the election of a permanent speaker is the immediate expansion of the compulsory law of Speaker Patrick McHenry – not supported by either the wine itself (for fear of precedent) or a significant part of the republic kantsiv.

3rd anniversary of the imprisonment of the Speaker of the House of Representativeswake up Kevin McCarthy. This became under the grip of the far-right wing of his Republican Party, de McCarthy was called in collaboration with the Democrats and the “dark place” to help Ukraine.

US House of RepresentativesI can’t praise the new laws, including further assistance to Ukraine, until the election of a new speaker. At the same time, the US federal budget is no longer funded until mid-leaf fall, or even after the shutdown, Congress is to blame for this problem.

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